Playing with FamilySearch Wiki

I know I have posted about FamilySearch, several times and that it is a really good and free genealogy website to use.  BUT have you looked at their Wiki?

I had heard other people mention wiki and didn't take any notice, until today.  I am starting the research for my second book and wanted information on Scotland. Thought, 'I'll give the FamilySearch Wiki a try.'  WOW!

It has heaps of information on a wide range of topics, with links to follow and detailed information. I browsed the pages, clicking on links, discovered heaps, book marked several pages, for future reference and though, 'why haven't I looked at this before?'  I use Wikipedia but will now go to FamilySearch, first as I think it will be of more use, with my genealogy.

Give it a try. Have a browse. It's FREE.

Bye for now,


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