Amelia Jane MILLAR nee HUGHES

Born on Thursday 22 January 1858 at Black Creek, (Branxton) to Jane and John Hughes, she was named after her maternal grandmother and her mother. She was one of 11 children.

Amelia was also the great-granddaughter of John NICHOLS, a First Fleeter.

Amelia and Ralph Millar married 5 August 1879 and had six children
Marion Jane, 1880-1946
Henry James, 1882-1938
Florence, 1844-1950
Edith Pearl Amelia, 1885-1955
Ruby, 1889-1961
Constance, 1892-1955.

Not much is known of Amelia's early life, other than the fact that Jane, her mother could read and write and that the family home was a slab cottage.

Amelia died in Branxton on 24 March 1892 from peritonitis, her youngest child just three months old.

All of her girls married and had families of their own.

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