A Day In The City

After a day spent, in the garden on Saturday, spreading top dressing on the lawn, we gave ourselves the day off and went into Sydney, for something to do.

First stop was the bookstore Dymocks, where I did some shopping for a birthday and Christmas. I also picked up a copy of Rachael Johns' new book,
The Greatest Gift.
A beautiful story, (I read mine on Kindle), about what makes a family. Read it but have the tissues ready.

We wandered around, just window shopping and then stopped for coffee in a little café,  the Chrysler Café Bar, 210 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia. Delicious Danishes, hot coffee and hot chocolate and quiet atmosphere. Lovely.

   From there we walked up Martin Place and found a Tesla shop and I got to have a good look at one. While it might be good for city driving I would need one, maybe two charging stops and a trip to Melbourne. Loved the colour, didn't like the LARGE centre console display as I felt it was distracting. 


We then walked along Macquarie Street, into the Domain, via the Domain Terrace and then into the Royal Botanical Gardens. A wonderful, calm, green oasis in the city. Found this very cute Plover Chick, walking around, mum and dad were close but didn't swoop us, so I got some photos.

We took our time and strolled down paths, looked at interesting plants, sat in the shade and enjoyed ice-creams. We live in a beautiful city and being by the harbour was relaxing. We then continued our stroll towards Circular Quay, via the Opera House. There was a news helicopter, buzzing around but don't know why. 

Home and we called into our local pub and had cold drinks before we walked the rest of the way home. A barbeque for dinner and a restful evening, capped of a lovely day.

Bye for now,


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