I've been searching for Galbraith relations, on FreeCen, the free census website,
https://www.freecen.org.uk/  and came across some interesting occupations in the 1861 census. (This search was just for the name Galbraith.)

I found,
Pauper, formally Merchant. 
Fund Holder.
Tea Merchant Clerk.
Painter, employs 4 men, 2 boys.
Waiter, out of work.
Master Mariners Wife.
and James Galbraith, who was Curate of Cheddleton,  Staffordshire,31yrs, unmarried, born in Ireland and lived in Heath Cottage.  In 1861 there were 2,050 people living in Cheddleton and the church was St Edward the Confessor.

Then there was Christina Galbraith, an unmarried female, whose occupation was given as Bates Fishing Lines. She lived in Back Street, Campbeltown, Argyllshire, with her six year old son, Alexander Brodie, who was a scholar.

There were Ag Labs, servants, gardeners and miners as well.

Have you got any interesting occupations on your tree? Let me know.

Bye for now,


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