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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

What I've Been Doing Part 2.

While I am getting a lot of research done, I'm making time to get out and about. Stretch my legs, get some fresh (brisk) air, take photos and shop. So around lunch time Monday and today I've done that.

Monday I saw  "window washers" hanging from the entrance to the convention centre.

No the weren't washing windows but...

making this. We should all be able to see where RootsTech is.
These are all along the streets, leading to the convention centre.

The entrance to the Family History Library.

There are patches of dirty snow around. None of the lovely stuff, from 2016.

The street, in front of the convention centre and the street my hotel is on had lots of yellow school buses parked. I saw a lot of children going into the gallery.


City Creek Mall. 
So I'm going to  go back to the library and dig the dirt on more  ancestors.
Bye for now,



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