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Monday, 6 February 2017

Salt Lake City

Well it isn't 24 hors since I arrived and I've been out and about, courtesy of Roger Moffat and his lovely wife Lisa, they picked Jill Ball and I up this morning and after a couple of stops, took us to Snowbird ski fields. Had a close call with a small heard of deer, that ran across the road, in front of the car, in front of us. They are soooo cute. Also saw a squirrel.

Lunch in the café and then a gondola ride to Hidden Peak. A pleasant 34F at the top! And a bit of wind.

This was our lunch view.

The ride up.

The view from the top.



These two were from the return trip.

A little bit of home.

Yes, under that snow is a round-about!
Going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, one place without a TV, as it is SuperBowl Sunday.
More latter,


  1. $17 for a gondola ride was woth every cent. What a beaut day we had.

  2. Very cool (hehe, literally)!! Looks like it was a great day.