Friday at RootsTech.

While my family, back home are having a heatwave, the weather in Salt Lake City has turned, cool, wet and windy. Just the day to spend inside, listening to various talks.

I was shown a short-cut into the Convention Centre, this morning and I'm not outside for long. This will be good tomorrow, with it going to be cold. Might have to find my scarf!

These three photos show the vendor hall, from upstairs, when it is empty. Tomorrow I'll take one when it has people in it.  The is a good range of vendors and I've spent time talking to different ones.

Before the first session started we had the Australian Contingent photo. There were a couple missing.
It's good to see so many Aussies here.

My first session was on Writing an Effective Research Plan. While I do write plans and try and follow them, it was good to get a different perspective.
I then dashed upstairs, well rode the escalator, to Level 3 and my Find My Past sponsors lunch. Very swish with table cloths, cutlery, etc. and table service.
After that I went and caught-up with friends, chatted to new ones and browsed.
A quick trip back to the hotel, to get my umbrella, as I knew I would need it after my last session.
My last session was with Devon Noel Lee and her husband Andy. It was on writing you family story and how to get started. Some of the things I'd thought of but others I hadn't.
I purchased her book, A Recipe for Writing Family History.  Something to read on the plane. It is also available through Amazon.
Devon and I after the session.
Another quick trip to the hotel, to change, then dinner with Carole Speers before she went to the library and I went to My Heritage After-Party.  Lots of fun.
Here is Roger Moffat with his ribbons, all 47 of them. I have 37 and have split them into four drops, as I didn't want to trip. Going to try and get 40 before tomorrow ends!

It is 10.45pm, the wind is howling  and the rain is tumbling down, think I might go to bed.


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