Family History Library.

 Going back into the library, who should I run into but Thomas MacEntee, Geneablogger extraordinaire. We are standing in front of the brand new Salt Lake Discovery Centre. So after more research, I went and had a play.

You are given an iPad, log in with your FamilySearch account, (free and you don't have to be LDS to have one). Take the iPad and dock it to any of the screens, in any of the areas and play. If you have a FamilySearch tree, the details of what is on it comes up. In another area, you can do a timeline and if you have entered photos, they come up.

The centre is amazing, there is so much to see and do. The downside is for us from downunder, there isn't one in Australia.

Here am I standing at the top of Snowbird! Taken in then Discovery Centre and emailed to me.
Bye for now,


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