TROVE Tuesday. Bigamy and Arson!

                                    Bigamy and Arson.

Elizabeth Purves isn’t a direct relation of mine, a great-aunt, by virtue of marriage. You would have read of her marriage to Frederick Vaughan, in last weeks Family Friday. But this was too interesting story to ignore.

It appears that Elizabeth was ‘married’ to one Charles Augustus Wilkins.  He had come from New Zealand, leaving behind a wife.

Then it appears that Elizabeth’s parents shop is burnt down, by Wilkins! Not a good way to impress the in-laws.

This article is  just one of 35, that I found, each one with a different view. There is even one, that is coming soon, headed “Father Against Lover.”, in the Australian Star.

Mr and Mrs Purves were ordered to stand trial on 7th April 1890. The trial was over by the 9th or 10th and those articles are still coming. Watch this space!

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