Family Friday; Twins Catherine and Michael Abberton

                                     Catherine and Michael Abberton.

As I wrote, last week, Thomas and Mary had 15 children and to do one a week would stretch this family into 2017! What I am going to do is each set of twins will be dome, together and the singles by themselves.

Now for the start of this family!

Catherine Mary Abberton.

Born on 3 November 1855, died 1932,  I'm not sure if she or Michael was the elder twin.

I don't have much on her except her marriage and family details. They are;
Married, 1 May 1874, William Joseph Gillett, (b4 May 1851, d 14 February 1932).  They had a large family, with 13 children, no sets of twins.

The Gillett children are; Thomas Joseph b 1875, d 1929, m 1900 Ida Mary Power.
                                        Amelia May b 1876, m 1904 Lancelot G Lang.
                                         Mary Catherine b 1878.
                                        William P Joseph b 1881, d 1934, m 1906 Ellen Bridget Wiefert.
                                         Catherine b 1882, m 1909 Henry J Finn.
                                         Maude Mary b 1884 (never married)
                                         Henry M A b1886 d 1852, m 1913 Ellen L Cracknell.
                                         Edward  P b1889.
                                         Matthew H b 1891, m 1916 Mary J Sheen.
                                         Cecil P b1893, d 1955, m Ethel Wilkins.
                                        John M b 1894 d 1984.
                                       Cyril D b 1896 d 11 January 1917, WW1.
                                       Leonard L b 1900.

Michael Joseph Abberton.

Born 3 November 1855, died 30 November 1926, Catherine's twin.

I have a few more details, on Michael's family and also his photo.

Michael married 26 April 1893 to Elizabeth Hannah McCloskey (bc 1852 d 1936).  Michael settled in Canowindra and had nine children.

The Abberton children are; 
Matilda M b 1894, d 31 May 1865, m 29 January 1917 Edward Oliver Fogarty.
May I b 1895, d 11 July 1969, m 1921 Gilbert Hickey.
John Thomas b 1897, d 15 January 1915.
Vincent b 1900, d 1900.
Leo b 20 August 1903, d 3 June 1917, m Ernestine Matilda McDonald. (divorced)
Lillian Mary b 1906, d 14 August 1991 m 3 September 1932 Patrick Arthur Coady.
Herbert Joseph b 29 February 1908, d 19 January 1980, m 17 March 1938 Rita Boardman.
Leonard Arthur b 25 August 1910, d 5 February 1975, m 1937 Edna Mary Joass (Joyass)
Mary E b 1915, d 4 May 1917.

Michael and Elizabeth saw tragedy, with three of their children dying, young.  Vincent, not 12 months. Mary, know as Molly, passing away aged just 2 years. In the Ryerson Index, her death is indexed as ABBERTON (girl). So sad.

Their eldest son, John Thomas was shot and killed, whilst hunting, with friends. If you search on TROVE, there are several articles about this, in graphic detail.

I meet their daughter, Lillian in the 1980's and she was a lovely lady.

So if you are a descendent of Catherine or Michael, please make contact, as I would love to add more to this family tree.

Michael Abberton.
Bye for now,

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