Family Friday, That's a wrap!

                                                  Wrapping Up My Vaughans.

Last week was the end of my Family Fridays' about my Vaughan family. I still have questions  that need answers, people to find and facts to check but I think I've done all I can, at the moment, on the family.

Henry Vaughan Snr, is still my focus and between Gail Sutton and I we have spent hours narrowing down his arrival. We think, (more checking needed), that we have him, as a convict and that he was married in England. We have evidence that he was in contact, with his family, in England, so it would be logical to conclude that he waited until he had word that his wife died, before marrying Charlotte. Something that we are both continuing to research. Watch this space!

What family to do next? Still thinking about that but have two lines in mind. You will have to tune-in for next weeks instalment of Family Friday, to see who it is.

Bye for now,

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