Wedding Wednesday.

Elsie Minnie Ironside married Frederick Charles Sigrist on 5 April 1919
Looking at the photo, from left to right.
Alf Tobin, Violet Sigrist, Frederick Sigrist, Elsie Ironside, Lilly Sigrist, Norm Ironside.

Edna May Sigrist married Patrick James Magill on 16 April 1949.
My in-laws. Edna made her dress.

Eveline Maude Jasper married Arthur Alfred Galbraith on 30 December 1908.
My mum told me that this photo was taken 3 days after the wedding and that the bouquet wasn't the one she used, as the photo was taken in the photographers studio. 
Lilian Evelyn Galbraith married Matthew Henry Abberton on 19 February 1954.
A second marriage for both.

Just a few of the wedding photos I have in my collection, look for more next week.

Bye for now,

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