Two Interesting Books

Last year at the Royal Australian Historical Society's conference I purchased this book.

Kim has researched the 100 Australian soldiers, commemorated at  Gallipoli.
She has included photos, maps and information. Not all have photos. There is a CD with it for the ones not written up in the book. I was able to find more information about the two I wrote up, in my blog, Is there anyone left to mourn,? 1 September 2015.
 A well researched book, that would be a good addition to your library.  Website

My next purchase was from The National Library, in Canberra.

A funny little book that I thought might come in handy, when reading old documents. It starts with an introduction about Robert Cawdrey, the first person to publish an English dictionary.
I like dipping into it and picking out a word, like chaunt, - sing  or sotte - foole, dunse.
Some of the old words are very close to what we use today, some with the same meaning.

Let me know what interesting books are on your bookshelf?

Bye for now,

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