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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Kindle V Book


This is something relatively new for me, reading  either my iPad Kindle or now my actual Kindle.

When we were going to Europe, last year, for six weeks, I went, "I can't fit that many books into my case and have clothes too!" (I can read up to three books a week. You can see my problem.)  My solution was to download the iPad Kindle app and then heaps of books. Yes, I know Europe and I wanted to read, but there is the very long flight to and from and the domestic ones as well, not to mention relaxing by the pool on Santorini. 

I enjoyed reading but found the iPad got to be very heavy and hard to hold. This last trip, to the USA, I ran out of storage space on the iPad and in San Francisco purchased a Kindle. I love it, it's light easy to hold, the light doesn't hurt my eyes and fits into my handbag.

Now the problem. I'm still a book girl at heart, the bookcases, in the study will vouch for that.  I love the smell of a new book, browsing a bookshop, either a large chain or an independent store, the enjoyment of turning the pages, finding one of my many bookmarks to use and the weight of a book in my hand. It is a different type of weight, than an iPad or Kindle.

I can see the Kindle will become my travelling bookcase and that I'll read an actual book at home.
But I'm still reading three books a week and using both the Kindle and books.  It seems I now have the best of both worlds, a book to sit and enjoy and the Kindle to read as I travel.

What is you preference and why? I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Reading,


  1. Give me a real book any day. I love the smell and feel of the paper For travel you can't beat ebooks which I now read on my phone because, like you, I found my tbalet too heavy.