A really good read.

                                     The Big Genealogy Blog Book by Amy Coffin.

This book was recommended by Jill Ball in her webinar, on Saturday.  You can purchase it from Amazon for $3.99AUD and I suggest that you do so.

http://www.amazon.com.au    and enter either Amy's name or the title.

This little book as 11 Chapters, covering everything from
* blogging myths,
* writing quality posts,
* important blog elements,
* ideas for blog posts.   201 of these, ranging from using old photos to tell a story, to  using technology and many, many more. Buy the book to discover them.

I'm still tweaking my blog design, watch this space but I feel much more confident to try new ideas, thanks to both Jill and Amy's book.

Thinking about blogging, DO IT!  Think of it as cousin bait, I've caught a few, with my blog, you might too!

Bye for now,

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