The #NotAtRootstech Blog Part Four, The End!

Another 4.30am start to the day but after the end of the first session, I went back to bed for two hours! It was cool, and dark at 4.30am but now there is a lovely breeze and the temperature is 28C, at 11.30am.

                                            What 4.30am, looks like.

Audrey Collins works for The National Archives, in England and is a friend, so it was only fitting that I watch her session on 'Civil Registration Indexes of England and Wales.'  Having English ancestors this talk was very helpful in how to search the indexes and explained how they were organised. She also mentioned a website, UKBDM, that I hadn't heard about and am now going to 'play' around on it. It was a really good presentation and I now have a better understanding of the indexes.

                                                         Audrey Collins.

I've watched some of the Rewind Sessions, that were on between the live streams and today's was another friend, Judy G Russell, with her keynote talk from 2014, Just 3 Generations. I've heard this before and will hear it this week at #Congress2018, in Sydney and never get tired of it. Judy explains how in just 3 generations family stories are lost. Scary because I'm now the 1st generation. If you ever get a chance to listen to this talk, do so.

                                                     Judy G Russell.

The last session was called, 'Pain in the Access: More Web for Your Genealogy,' presented by Curt Witcher. Whilst it was American based, the principles he used will apply for any country and I learnt useful ways to search different respositories, for information. He also suggested that we look beyond the first couple of pages, in search resutls, to see what else has been found.

                                                      Curt Witcher.

I have enjoyed my time at #NotAtRootstech and while I've missed my friends, I've chatted with others, online during the sessions. Now to save my 'pennies' towards 2019.

I purchased this tshirt, in Salt lake City in 2016, it reads, 'Genealogy, Life in the Past Lane.'

This week I'm getting organised and then attending #Congress2018, so watch for blogs about that.

Bye for now,


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