MARCH 12 Ancestors in 12 Months. THOMAS JOSEPH ABBERTON

Thomas Joseph Abberton was born 30 March 1865[i], the elder of twins, at Mummel, near Goulburn. The other twin was a girl, Francis Maria. Their parents were Thomas Abberton and Mary Torpy. Thomas Joseph was their second son and eighth child.
I don’t know anything about his childhood but can assume that as the school was located on what had been Abberton land that he would have attended, sometimes. He would probably have worked on the family farm and maybe helped in the post office, that his parents ran.
I do know that his future wife, Louisa Nicolls, was appointed teacher of Mummel School in 1885[ii] and that this is where they would have met. Thomas and Louisa married 1 January 1890.[iii]
They had seven children, Fredrick Thomas 1891-1935, Sidney Michael 1892-1928, Marianne Clara 1894-1975, Matthew Henry 1896-1958, Leslie John 1898-1917 WW1, William Patrick 1900-1978 and Michael 1903-1903. Louisa also died in 1903[iv], just after Michael.
In 1904 Thomas was charged with desertion. The complainant was one Patrick Lyons, State Children’s Relief Department. When Louisa died, Thomas was left with six children aged from 13 years to 4 years. He must have been so down that he couldn’t cope and left the children in care. Something I’ll never know. When he was arrested he has to pay 5shillings a week  for twelve months.[v]
I know that he was also a publican, with at least one hotel, the Salutation, in Goulburn in 1898[vi].
On 26 January 1909[vii], Thomas re-married to Mary Murphy. They has a son Thomas[viii], born 26 June 1910. Thomas was to die in World War 11.
Thomas died 5 May 1914[ix], in Sydney, he was just 46 years old.
Thomas was my grandfather.

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The building that was the Salutation Hotel.

The plaque that acknowledges this.

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