My Congress 2018. Dinner

Saturday night was the Congress Dinner, in the Grand Ballroom of Rydges Hotel, Pitt Street. Good food, excellent speaker and wonderful company made for a fantastic night. There was just one tiny problem, NO TABLE CENTRES!  What is a formal dinner if the table isn't dressed accordingly?

Well it seems that both Heather Garnsey and Martyn Killion had a solution for that, make your own! Below are some photos of Cheryl Ann and Jennie making Table 3s', Harbour Bridge. Yes, the theme for the Congress was Bridging the Past & Future, hence the bridge. Much laughter ensured, as these two ladies constructed the model. Our table finished first and we each got a Caramelo Koala Bear.

The evening's speaker was Mark Tedeschi QC, and he spoke about John Hubert Plunkett and the Myall Creek Murders. You can read about the Massacre at this link.

                                               Jennie Fairs working on her part of the bridge.

We have a bridge! Cheryl Ann with her part.

                                                      The finished Sydney Harbour Bridge.

                                                        One of the yummy desserts.

It was a great night for catching-up with friends, there was much laughter and plenty of chatter that the noise level was registering at extreme! But isn't that what a genealogy congress is all about?

Bye for now,


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