Paul and Lilian's Excellent Adventure, Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November 2017

Friday 17th.

Good Morning Sunrise!

After the rain, overnight I didn't think the morning would be dry, warm and calm. Obscured by clouds, sunrise was pretty, with shafts of light piercing through and again I was the only person around.

Breakfast and then a walk south, past the surf club and down the steps to Shelly Beach, ( must be the name to give a small beach, with shells, as I know of at least four). We didn't go right to the bottom as it is the beach for dogs, it looks like rock platforms and a bit of sand. Heading up we decided to walk around the block and back in the top end of Kim's. There are 36 steps from the street to reception/ dining room area. Done in sets with long runs between them. Going up and down give you plenty of exercise. 
The view along the steps.

Shelly Beach.

 The water dragon was perched on a stone temple, in the middle of the fishpond and was very obliging for photos. 

Reading and relaxing, while Paul did his exercises, made me head out for a stroll on the beach. Raining, not to heavy, at first but when you start seeing the spots on the sand, it is time to turn back.

It is so relaxing just to sit and look at the waves.

Both Paul and I had  massages, this afternoon and they were so good.

Cocktails before dinner and I tried a Pina Colada, yum! We chatted to another couple, who are here for the weekend.

 The view north, from our villa.

Saturday 18th.

I woke early and managed to get some beautiful photos of the clouds, highlighted by the sun. A clam morning.  Breakfast and then the last of our packing and then to head home.

Kim's has a tradition of flying the flags of the country, a guest is from, as well as the Australian flag.  We have had, United Kingdom, United States of America, Samoa, Cook Island, Fiji, three state flags, being Northern Territory, Tasmania and New South Wales. I tried each day to guess them, before breakfast but this morning got stuck on the first flag and was seriously annoyed with myself. I had picked the Isle of Man and Greece but it was this one that stumped me. Can you work it out? Answer at the bottom.

This is the name of our villa and as the name implies, we were very idle.

                                                                         Bye for now,

Answer, City of Sydney.


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