Scholarly Musings at the NSW State Library.

The State Library of NSW holds Scholarly Musings on the first Tuesday of each month and I've decided to book into a couple of them.

This month's was Sydney's Early Cemeteries by Dr Lisa Murray. (You might remember my blog about her book, Sydney Cemeteries, A Field Guide. A Useful Book, 20/02/2017.)

Lisa gave a very interesting talk that covered a range of topics, from the overcrowding of the first cemeteries, how the churches didn't want to hand over the control of burials, to the setting up of Rookwood Cemetery.

I learnt that St John's Cemetery at Parramatta is the oldest undisturbed colonial cemetery in Sydney. When you consider that The Old Sydney Burial Ground, Devonshire Street and several others were removed to make way for buildings, this is good to know.

She spoke of how the residents and shop keepers, near the Camperdown Cemetery would complain on the mist and vapours emanating from the cemetery, especially the pauper grave, as it was often left open, for several days. Also the large blue and green blow flies that would be around.

A really great talk but I had a pleasant surprise. Lisa had a slide of the Temporary Cathedral Church of St Andrew. This church was where Isabella Mary Ann Vaughan married her first husband William Martin. She explained that it is on the library's website and I have been able to download it. Excited!

As I was walking to the library, I remembered that I didn't have my camera, not to worry I did have my phone. I found that the Domain Terrace still exists as the walkway from Macquarie Street through to the Domain, between the Mitchell and State Libraries. Below is a photo of the Domain Terrace.

A really good day.
Bye for now,

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