Quilt Retreat. Friday 28 April, Day 1

Up early and got myself organised to head of to Quilt Retreat, at lunchtime. After walk down the street, with my darling husband for coffee and cake, then getting the mail, I packed the car and I was away. I did get am exciting email, just before I left, about the book, so it will be printed, soon.

First stop was Waterfall and I transferred my stuff into Lorraine's car and our weekend of fun began. Travelling down the M1 or Princes Highway, for those of use who remember it's name, we took the Picton Road exit. Our aim was to join the M5 or the Hume Highway but a strange thing happened to the car as we neared the turnoff! It went straight ahead and we ended up in the car park of Picton Patchwork shop!  (no vehicle was hurt in this manoeuvre but our wallets were.)

Picton Patchwork shop is a dream and Robyn and her husband are great. I needed a acrylic template of a certain size, so I could sew a couple of small quilts, not only was he able to cut it for me but he also cut a large one as well. All while we waited. A pit stop at the Golden Arches and we returned to the road and did get onto the Hume Highway.

Traffic was steady and we made good time until we came across the police Remembrance Ride, to Canberra. As Lorraine was driving I was able to view the MAMiLs. Taking the Mittagong turnoff, we went through Bowral.

After traveling along Sheepwash Road and some other ones as well, this was our destination.
The conference part not the adventure part.
Organised by Jo Johnson of The Quilters Blessing (look on Facebook), we were greeted by Margaret, given our goodie bags and name tags, (so we wouldn't forget who we were.)

These charms were in the gold bag. I have worked out what I am going to do with them.
The goodies!
Who am I ?
All the name tags were different and if you didn't wear it, you were fined.
I was able to finish sewing the remaining  10 rows for the quilt I'm making and have been blogging about. Now I will work on the layout.

This little quilt was my next project and the template I had made was used.
Fiddly but fun, I made a good start on it, before bed.
Dinner was delicious. Pumpkin soup and hot savouries.
Jo breads dogs and she had two of the puppies with her. This little chap is Puppy #4 and at 2 1/2 weeks he is so cute.
Our room was #1, very close to the dining room and just one room away from the rec room, where we were set up. These two photos were taken from where I was sewing. The room was great and we weren't cramped. Jo had set up cutting tables, for those who needed a bigger space and ironing stations, to press those seams.

My sewing machine.
After doing some more sewing, I called it quilts around 9.30pm and went to bed. eager to get some sleep, before starting on another day of sewing.
More to come.
Bye for now,


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