Quilt Retreat. Sunday 30 April, Day 3

Another early start, with a cuppa and then a short stroll around the area.
This is the BBQ area, with the High wires course above it.

A Tepee. Interesting.

A close up of my pincushion. Jo and her mum, Shirley made them. Beautiful.

My next project. Each strip had a half hexagon cut from it and the pile of offcuts, top right corner, grew, vey quickly. As I didn't have a triangle template I couldn't make the blocks, sooooooo.
I turned the pile of offcuts into this.

Nine rows, with ten offcuts in each. It looks like becoming a mug bag, for when I need to take a mug away.
Lunch of cold meats and salad and more fines. I was hit again, as I was observed pulling a push door!
Each fine is 20cents, or what you want to give. Before lunch, Margaret did a count and we had reached $60! We must have been very naughty girls! All the money raised goes to charity.
The retreat was the best I had been to. There was a challenge, if you wanted to do it, no pressure. If you wanted to chill out and relax and not sew, that was okay, too. As Jo said in the initial blurb, "This is a quilting retreat for Quilting Sister who need a weekend to sew, just want to get away, do nothing!! And ... Catch up with quilting sisters from everywhere..."
There were girls from Blaney, Nowra, Robinson, The Shire, Toongabbie and Heilderburg, Victoria.
I didn't here any harsh words, everyone seem to get along, there was much laughter, lots of chat and we are all looking forward to Quilt Retreat 2018.
Bye for now,


  1. Thank you Lillian, it was so very wonderful to get to know you and all the girls. I think some awesome friendships were woven together this weekend.


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