Part 4, Tennant Creek, Katherine, Kakadu

On the road as the sun began it rise, we have another long drive ahead. I've got my Kindle out and the iPad but wish I'd packed my knitting.

Good Morning World.

Where we've been and where we are headed.

Our first stop was Renner Springs Roadhouse, for a pit stop and a walk around. Then onto the Daly Waters Pub for lunch. Very well organised as we each pre-ordered our burger or wrap, Peter faxed the order through, from Tennant Creek and it was waiting for us. Such an interesting pub, with all manner of things, from bras, knickers, hats etc. attached to the walls, rafters and ceiling. After lunch, we played 5 pin bowling, in the main street! As one does. A bit of light hearted fun.
Part of the items, displayed in the Daly Waters Pub.

                                                         Five pin bowling!

Our next stop was Mataranka, 'Land of the Never Never.' There is a replica of the Elsey Homestead, used in the movie, 'We of the Never Never.' There are also thermal springs, where some of the group took a refreshing dip. Paul and I settled for a refreshing ice-cream and a stroll.

We went to Rainbow Springs, where the water comes from, that flows into the big pool. You can't swim here but the water is so clear. I expected it to smell like rotten egg gas, but it didn't. on to the main pool and there were quiet a few people enjoying a dip.

                                                            The spring.

Back on board, we headed into Katherine. Once we were settled in our room, Paul and I decided to go for a walk, down to the river. The boat ramp was opposite the hotel and we walked down it. Didn't get to the river as it was isolated and we didn't feel safe.

Early start to the day, with breakfast at 6.30am and on the road by 7.15am. We have an 8.30am cruise on Katherine Gorge. Actually 13 gorges, we cruised on two of them and the scenery is stunning. The photos can show you size of the cliffs.  Spotted crocodile tracks, heading out, we actually saw the croc , lazily sunning itself and the bank, on our way back in.

A freshwater crocodile, enjoying the sun.

Our last big stop, for the day was the Yellow Water Billabong. Calm sailing on this peaceful waterway, gave us an opportunity to see the amazing range of birdlife, that this billabong attracts. With sightings of the Little Kingfisher, the smallest in Australia, several Jabirus, Darters, Cormorants, Whistling Ducks and Jesus Birds, also know as Lily Walkers because it looks like they are walking on water, to name just some of them.


But the best part was seeing eight saltwater crocodiles. Some were just whiling away the time but  two decided that a bit of 'push and shove' was in order, to keep their territory.  These magnificent creatures had the crowd, getting excited but we were all mindful that for everyone we saw, there were others lurking below.
Maxi, because he is huge.

                                           Sir Cumfrance, because he is very rotund.

Onto Jabiru, for our nights stop. The hotel was in the shape of a crocodile, with the legs being the stairwells and the rooms in the body. Actually called Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel, this is a link, so you can see what it looks like.

Part 5 will take us to the end of our trip.
Bye for now,


  1. So enjoying your trip vicariously from the US?

  2. Oh so familiar! Renner Springs is usually stop 1 on the drive to Bribae...head down, tail up. Absolutely love Yellow Waters but mystified by people's obsession with salties. Glad you had a great time...the Territory is a special place.


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