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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Writing, Research and Getting Side-tracked.

I put some really good time into actually writing this family story, yesterday. I made several false starts, had lots of crossed out bits and arrows going from one spot to another but I made progress. I worked out a timeline, of what happened when, both for them and the Colony, sad to say that nothing really important happened in the years I'm writing about.  Wrote two chapters and then hit the computer to write appendices, for bits that need to be mentioned but not in the main part.

Today I've spent 2 hours, checking where I found maps and photos, then writing to the relevant people asking for either a better copy and/or permission to use what I have. This led me to being side-tracked!

I found a map of the area my family lived, dated 1886. Using the addresses I have, I have poured over it locating streets, churches and the like. Really fascinating and useful. It is interesting to see how near they lived to each other and you can only guess at the closeness the families might have had.

Taking a short break for lunch and to read, then I'll do another 2 hours. I probably won't blog, every day about my writing but I will keep you informed as to how it is going.

Bye for now,

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