It's Harder Than You Think!

Write a book, it will be easy, just write what you know, won't take you long! Yeah, Right!!!!

While I know I'm making progress, it is the fact checking, making sure that dates, places and names are correct. Writing and asking about xyz, permission to use abc and drawing up family trees, just so you know that the right kids are with the right parents, is taking up time!

I'm trying to hand write at least one person a day. I then do the checking and then try and get it onto the computer. I'm not being precious about spelling and grammar, until I've done all the writing, then I correct what needs to be corrected. And I check my facts again!

I'm also in a bit of a quandary, how many generations do I write about?
Here are some statistics to make you see the problem.

(no names)   A & B marry and have 10 children, seven grow up and marry.
Of the living;
child 1 - 13 children, all live, all marry all have children.
child 2 - 7 children, 4 live, marry and have children.
child 3 - 15 children, 10 live, marry and have children.
child 4 - 2 children, both live, marry and have children.
child 5 - 2 children, both live, marry and have children.
child 6 - 4 children, 3 live, marry and have children.
child 7 - 1 child, marries and has children.

So if I was to do just a page on the grandchildren, alone, that is 35 pages! What would I include!

Then there are some stories, in younger generations that I'd like to tell.

I've written about A & B and started on the children, I've  put the three that died together, in one chapter. With  the ones that lived, I'm writing  what I have found out about them, some will have more than others. It should be simple, but it isn't.

I am enjoying myself and try to spend at least four hours a day, not including research and not all at once, doing the book.

It will get done. I've set myself two goals for 2017, write this book and start and finish a queen size quilt!

Bye for now,

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