Summer Reading Suggestions.

Summer Reading!

Do you have a favourite spot to read? On the beach? In a hammock, under shady trees? Somewhere cool?  Or are you like me and will read anywhere? I have been known to read, standing up on a train, when in a past life I worked in the city. Reading is the icing on my day!

Most of these ladies have Facebook pages and I will do * to indicate which ones do. These pages are worth looking at.

First up is Nicki Edwards*.

Nicki is a wife, mum of four and a critical care nurse, one busy lady. She writes medical rural romances, set in the fictional town of  Birrangulla. Each of the four books is centred around a main character and they all interconnect, throughout the books. I don't want to give to much away as they are fantastic reads.
My favourite has to be The Peppercorn Project and Isabelle Cassidy, a young widow. Set in Stony Creek, a town with empty houses and wanting families to fill them, this is a story of new beginnings and friendships.

Nicki also has two ebooks; Operation White Christmas: An Escape to the Country Novella  and Operation Mistletoe Magic. Both are set in Canada, with links to Birrangulla.

Rachael Johns*, is another great author, writing rural romances but different from Nicki's.

The Road to Hope is the sequel to Jilted, both set in Hope Junction a fictional town in Western Australia.  Small town, interconnecting lives and secrets make them both good reads. I have Jilted on my Kindle along with Rachael's Outback Series. Set in rural Western Australia and a group of friends. This series is one I have read twice, it is so good. Four books, four very different stories.
The Art of Keeping Secrets, I have in my 'to read' pile. The Patterson Girls, was the book that got me hooked on Rachael's books.

Meredith Appleyard*,  was born in Wales and now lives in the Clare Valley, South Australia. She is also a nurse and midwife.

The Country Practice and The Doctor Calling are her first and second novels.  Set in neighbouring towns of Magpie Creek and Potters Junction, these books touch on the difficulties of country health care.  Add a spark of romance and some quirky characters and you have two excellent reads.

Jennie Jones has a series set in the Snowy Mountains of NSW, in Swallow's Fall.
The House at Burra Burra Lane starts the series off and I do recommend that you try and read them in order. A complex cast of people and situations, that flow through the books has you eagerly waiting for the next book.  All are on Kindle.

My last review is Last Chance Country.  Jennie Jones, Lisa Ireland and Catherine Evans, have combined to write a story each, set in Dulili a town suffering with a people drought.  Each of these ladies have a main character, that is new to the town, each with their own reasons for wanting a fresh start and secrets that can't wait to leak out.  A really good collaboration and I couldn't put it down.

I hope you like my suggestions and please tell me of your favourite authors. I am always on the lookout for new authors.

Happy reading,

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