2016 a bit of a review.

2016,  what has happened, this year?

Plenty of travel both together and just me.

January and we made a trip to Canberra, for my birthday.

February and I made my first trip to the USA and attended RootsTech,  in Salt Lake City. I was joined by our daughter and together we did Las Vegas, Grand  Canyon, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

April, we enjoyed a few days at Windsor and explored the area.

May saw us head to Melbourne and family time.

September and I attended a conference in Camden.  We then flew to Cairns for a family holiday, Fantastic.

October and we were of to Adelaide. Family, friends and genealogy made up that trip.

December and our Christmas trip to Melbourne.

I have continued my study, doing three subjects form the University of Tasmania,  as well as my Diploma course with the National Institute of Genealogical Studies.  I have nearly finished this course, with just five subjects to go.

We have really settled into retirement, finding time to relax and enjoy life.

Genealogy wise and I've made progress on most branches, adding some new family members and thankfully  no deaths.

Plenty of reading,  sewing, knitting, time with family and friends have made it a good year.

So how was your 2016?

Thank you for sharing my blog journey and tune in for more in 2017.

Bye for now,

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