Family Friday, Frederick Vaughan


Congratulations, Frederick, you are the first child of Henry and Charlotte to be born, (1860), AFTER they have married (at last). You are their ninth child and fifth son.

You, too like several of your siblings, seem to have lead an uneventful life. You marry on 2nd March 1887 to a Flora Wimhurst (Wymhurst) and in 1889 become you become parents to a daughter, Irene Chasmar Vaughan. Thank you for giving Irene the middle name of Chasmar, it makes tracing her much easier, well sort of.

I look for other children and find none. I search for your or Floras’ deaths, nothing. Here I go again, this family is making my research very interesting.  I do find a second marriage in 1915, to Elizabeth J Purves. Did Flora die or did you divorce?

A NSW Archives search for a divorce, leads to a dead end. So I again look for Flora’s death, nothing.

TROVE is my next search and I look for a Frederick Vaughan. Do you know how many Frederericks there are? I start narrowing my search down and then BINGO!

“Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 12 September 1907, p4.


Flora Vaughan formerly Wynhurst petitioned for a divorce from Frederick John Vaughan, music teacher, on the ground of misconduct. The parties were married at Darlington on March 2, 1887, according to Congregational rites. …

His Honor granted a decree nisi for dissolution of the marriage, returnable in six months.”

Another search leads to me finding your Decree Absolute, on Wednesday 10 June 1908.

Just what was your ‘misconduct’?

And you are a music teacher. An interesting occupation for this family.

More searching on TROVE and I find this article. Your occupation is given as a printer and a musician as, two jobs, very commendable. Wait, you haven’t worked since the marriage and Flora is a dressmaker. Frederick, Frederick, Frederick this is dreadful!

The last thing I find is your death on, 3 September 1943. Your father is given as Harry and your mother is Charlotte, so it is you. You and Elizabeth are still together, that is good.

So great-uncle Fred, it seems you are a bit of a rogue. Were you faithful to Elizabeth? I hope so.

Bye, Your great-niece, Lilian
(P.S. Elizabeth's story is interesting, so TROVE Tuesday, 2nd August will have her story.)

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