Family Friday, Catherine Vaughan

                      CATHERINE CHARLOTTE VAUGHAN.

Catherine Charlotte, you are Henry and Charlotte’s eight child and third living daughter. Born 1856, some sources say 22 May, but as I don’t have any documents about you, I can’t be sure. Sorry but you aren’t my direct line and I’d rather save my money for other documents.

Catherine, I thought that it would have been easy to find you married but who would have guessed that three Catherine Vaughans would marry between 1874 and 1878! The two others are causing confusion on Ancestry, with you being ‘given’ James Hoy as your husband, up on the Macleay River or one Thomas Willis, in Goulburn. Then having you die as Catherine Hoy, in Kempsey and being buried in Rookwood! And not showing who you married! Annoying as these trees are being copied and not checked.  One lady, Kerry Johnson, seems to have all the correct details. Wonderful!

From her tree, I double and triple check what I have also found and concur that I have found the right Catherine.

So, Dear Catherine, you married one William Reid in 1874, aged 18, did Charlotte give permission?  The records show that Redfern is the place of registration. I didn’t think that the other two were you; your family didn’t go very far, from where they were born.

Searching for William and your children I find, William Robert 1875, Elizabeth 1877 and Annie 1879. Only three, small for your family.  But you also know the sorrow of having a children die, with Elizabeth dying in 1877 and Annie dies, aged 42, on 19 September 1922.

I then ‘loose’ you, nothing until your death on 2 June 1930, at 8 Catherine Street, Forest Lodge. Your death notices cause me some confusion, with there being no mention of William, your husband, interesting. This has me searching, (of on a tangent) for William’s death. I find many but haven’t gone down that line. Did he ‘disappear’?  One mention Mr and Mrs R Thompson and Family… beloved Mother and Grandmother. Who is this Mrs Thompson? Another daughter? Yes, you had a daughter Agnes Emily Vaughan in 1873, is she William’s as you registered the birth under Vaughan? Another mystery.

There is a notice from Mr and Mrs W R Reid, your son and Mr and Mrs McIntosh, a grandchild. Annie’s husband is also mentioned. Mrs Byrne and Mrs Keogh are you sisters-in-law.

You are buried at Rookwood, with Annie.

Catherine, you also seem to have lead a quiet life but if you can just tell me what happened to William, I’d be very happy. Think I might invest in some transcripts.

Bye, you loving great-niece, Lilian xxx.

P.S. Don’t be surprised if I ‘pop-in’ and visit, next time I’m at Rookwood.

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