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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Busy, Busy

Thursday and Friday were very busy for me.

Thursday was the Writers Group meeting in at the Society of Australian Genealogists, 120 Kent Street, Sydney. We meet once a month and have very interesting speakers. This month Jeffrey Madsen spoke on Digitising Family Records. Very informative and I learnt some new tips.

Yesterday I did a workshop at the Craft Bookbinders Guild of NSW, in their room, at Callan Park, on making a Solander box. I had made one, last year and had every intention of making another but didn't. A refresher course was what I needed. This time I wanted to make a specific size for an old family bible. While it is fiddly and time consuming, it is well worth the effort as the bible is nestled in it safely.
This is the box. Made in two tray pieces, then glued to the backing board.
This is the Bible, I made the box for. Over 100 years old and very precious.

Safely in its new home.
Bye for now,

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