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A Family Tree researcher for over 30 years and a blogger since 2010, I love to share what I find. This blog has opened up a new way to contact and keep in-touch with both family and friends. It mightn't always be genealogy related and you might not agree with my point of view but I want you to comment, ask questions and look upon this blog as 'friends having a chat'.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

April A-Z Challenge Finished!!!!!


Yesterday was April 30 and with that the challenge finished.  It has been interesting reading other blogs and seeing what their choices were, so were poems, some reflections and some concentrated on a theme or family. All were interesting.

Thank you to all who read my blog and made comments, I really wish that there was a like button, so I could acknowledge the replies I received. Please take this as my personal thank you.

Yesterday was a milestone in my blogging, one I didn't notice for awhile. It was my 300th post!  Wow, 300, it crept up and would have slipped past, had I not been working on my blog page. I must go back a re-read that first post, as I know that my blogging has improved, since then.

Bye for now,


  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge!
    @ScarlettBraden from
    Frankly Scarlett

  2. A job well done - now you can get back to chasing ancestors. Congrats on 300 posts. I'm off to see how many I have done at GeniAus.