Do-Over part 2.

Well it looks like my study will be painted and re-floored before Christmas, not in the New Year! I'm thrilled that I've been through everything and now will only have to move them. Think I'll stick the boxes, drawers and shelving in the garage and the books in the spare bedroom.

I wonder if the freezer will fit in the laundry? Must measure it up. That would give me a bit more space. Or I could move it to another spot in the room.

My sewing table will have to go down the garage and my desk will have to stay. It will work out well.

Now do I want vinyl or carpet on the floor? Suggestions, please.

I have spent part of this week, quilting and I didn't realise how much I missed it. I've made a small quilt for a gift, a bigger one, that a friend have given me the fabric and pattern for, two placemats, for a gift and have just finished cutting out the pieces for another quilt. I've had this kit for awhile and feel like making it up.

Small surprise quilt.

The one a friend gave me the fabric and pattern for.

One of the placemats. I quilted in in red, using a fancy stitch.

This is the one I'm now working on. Only 12 blocks in total.

I've been doing genealogy, too and finding out interesting bits of information. I ordered two English certificates, yesterday.

Have a great weekend.

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