Another Mystery.

Before we went to Melbourne, last week, I was given a book and another mystery to try and solve.
The book is, "The Road From Coorain, An Australian memoir" by Jill Ker Conway. Coorain is a sheep station in New South Wales, near the town of Mossgiel, which is between Ivanhoe and Hay.
That isn't a mystery but the note inside is.

H Findlay had penned a note detailing when the author's parents settled on the station. Who the local doctor at Mossgeil was. What the settlement was like and other bits of information, all on a slip of paper no bigger than a 6" x 4" photo.

My search is to try and find any descendants of either Jill Ker Conway or H Findlay and to offer them the book and note. Watch this space for updates.

Bye for now,

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