Do-Over is happening NOW!

The painter has been, to give a quote, ordered the carpet, it is going to happen before Christmas!

Today I moved two bookcases into the third bedroom, (thankful there is no bed in there) and the filing cabinet into my husbands study. I have managed to put all my research into the second filing cabinet, on the landing, nice and close.  I've taken books of the shelves and all the stuff of the notice boards.

Just waiting on a date for the painting to start.

I've also been sewing the new quilt and doing research, so life is still going on.

I gave myself a genealogy test, today. I filled in all my direct ancestors, without looking at the family tree program. I was able to do everyone as far back as my Great-grandparents and then only eight of my Great-great-grandparents. Not to bad, me thinks.

Bye for now,

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