What A Phone Call!

I've been researching the history of my home and as such have been trying to find anyone who knew the previous owners. As they were Latvian I sent an email to the Latvian Society and had a reply. The person in the email knew someone and she would pass my details on, but the person was overseas. This has been ongoing now for about three months. Two weeks ago said person contacted me and let me know that she had passed the details on.

Today the phone rang and it was a lady. This lady was the little girl, who moved into the house in 1952. We talked for nearly an hour and she has expressed a wish to visit and is also going to look for old photographs. Her story is both sad and happy and I'm thrilled to now know some of it.

It was really interesting as we share some common childhood memories, even with a 12 year age difference.

Now to re-write the story I've started or at least add to what is written.

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