Doing research into the history of my house I've contacted various archives. New South Wales Archives at Kingswood and National Archives of Australia (NAA) are the two main ones and both have been very helpful.

In July I contacted the National Archives and requested some documents be assessed and then released. NAA has a 90 day policy whereby they try to assess the request and get them items to you, for a fee. Late last month, September, I also requested the Naturalisation documents for the same people, a wait but not 90 days.  On Wednesday, 88 days into the waiting period I received an email stating that my first request couldn't be met, in the time frame, but they were working on it and would make contact, when it was done. I made a quick phone call and verified this. Back to waiting.

Yesterday I had a 'parcel' notice in my post office box and collected a large envelope from NAA. What is going on here???  I opened it and found the Naturalisation documents, that I had requested. Strange, I hadn't paid for them! Then I read the enclosed letter and was stunned. As my request amounted to very little, NAA had copied them for me, complementary and had found other documents in their Sydney office AND had forwarded my request to them. Wow!  I am now waiting to hear from the Sydney office as to what they hold.

Service above and beyond what I had asked for.

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