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There has been a discussion on Facebook about a new Australian family tree magazine, called Family Tree Tracker. It is a glossy magazine, of 114 pages, along the lines of some of the UK ones but with Australian content.  It is divided into 7 Chapters and each chapter as a wide range of topics in it.

Genealogy 101 includes Starting Points, Join a Society and Getting Organised.

The Software section has reviews of 21 different family tree programs.

Real Life takes a look at the Australian version of "Who Do You Think You Are?"

 Detective Work had me interested with such headings as 10 Clues and Secrets and Lies. Well worth a read, before you ask those awkward questions.

 Past, Present, Future has an interesting article called "Aussie Snapshot 21st Century, Who are Aussies Today?" It takes you through the different generations and what defines them. It also includes an A to Z of How to speak "Stralyan".

 Archival Survival takes a look at photo restoration and blogging.

The last chapter, Tools has baby photo of the production team, a nice touch.

As you can see there is something for everyone and at $14.95, not to expensive.

Now here is the bad news, it is only a one off run. Several friends have contacted the publisher and asked when the next copy is due and how to subscribe, and were given that news. What I'm going to do is write a letter, to the Editor and ask if they would consider keeping it going and I'll ask you, who buy a copy, to do likewise. If enough of us campaign for it,  it might happen.

Let me know what you think.


  1. I am biased Lilian but I think the value of this production is that it goes back to basics. It provides guidance to beginning genealogists and answers questions many old hands have like choosing software, why blog, how to search the National Archives.

    We already have one good magazine in Australia and one mediocre one but these concentrate on stories and history. There is a need for something with a more practical focus like Family Tree Tracker but do we have the population to sustain yet another journal?

  2. I agree, Jill that it does have something for everyone and like you wonder if we could sustain it. Maybe it is something the publishers are looking at. Even quarterly would be good.


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