A Trip to Canberra.

As Sydney was pummeled by record breaking rain on Wednesday, we postponed our trip to Canberra, until Thursday. So a two night stay  became a one night stay and Thursday was very busy.

Heading down the Hume Highway, we made our usual stop at Goulburn Bakery. Good food and drinks and clean loos (always a plus) and Trapper's wonderful daily sayings. Thursday's was no exception.

Our first stop was the National Library of Australia, https://www.nla.gov.au/  for the exhibition  Cook and the Pacific.  To see Cook's actual log of the HMS Endeavour, when he discovered our continent, was wonderful. Instruments he and others used on the three voyages, drawings made of our fauna. maps, that are so detailed. It was very poignant to read Elizabeth Cook's letter asking for assistance, after he was killed.  On until the 10 February 2019, it is well worth a visit.

Next stop was the National Museum of Australia, http://www.nma.gov.au/ for the exhibition Rome: City and Empire. This exhibit shocases rare treausres form the British Museum and is on until 3 February 2019.  These are just a small snapshot of what was there. Breathtaking.

 This bath was made 150-259CE in Italy from basanite, (is an igneous, volcanic (extrusive) rock with aphanitic to porphyritic texture.) It was most likely from a private house, not a public bathhouse.
This is the back view of the statue of Faustinal 1, wife of an emperor. From the Temple of Artemis, Sardis, Turkey, it is made from marble around 140 CE. I love the 'chisel' marking on it.

This piece is a relief showing articles of adornment, dedicated to the goddess, Demeter. Carved, in marble, around 170 CE, it was found in Sklavochori, Greece.

We then spent time at the Australian War Memorial, where Paul was given white gloves, so that he was able to touch exhibits. He was thrilled and really enjoyed his visit.

We celebrated our 43rd Wedding Anniversary, with dinner at Zaab, Lao-Thai Street Food. Yum!

A great time away.


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