12 Ancestors in 12 Months; Mary Ann HUDSON.

Mary Ann was born 19 December 1856 in Chartteris, Cambridgeshire, England and baptised in the same parish on 24 August 1862.[1] Why this delay, is not known.

How she met Christopher Frederick Sigrist, isn’t known but on 6 May 1883, at St Gabriel’s, Bromley, Middlesex, England[2], they married. Mary Ann is 25 and Christopher is 24 and is known as Frederick. A daughter, Janetta is born on 10 May 1885, in Bromley[3].

In July 1886[4], on board the S.S. Port Victor, Mary Ann and Janetta arrive in Sydney, to join Frederick. The family lived at Woollahra, where Fred had his bakery. Mary Ann would have six more children, Emilia, born 1887, died 1888, Louisa, born 1889, died 1889, Frederick, born 1890, died 1930, Lilly, born 1893, died 1937, Charles, born 1897, died 1897 and William, born 1899, died 1900.[5]

Mary Ann died 14 May 1934[6], at Lakemba.

[1] Details from both the Family Bible and FamilySearch.
[2] English Marriage certificate, 152/1883.
[3] Family Bible.
[4] Ancestry, viewed 26 August 2018.
[5] Family Bible.
[6] NSW Death certificate 6810/1934.


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