Tidying up my Blog

Do you have tags/labels on your blog posts?

I didn't until this past week. I have added tags/labels to around 98% of my posts and those that don't have them are either small, one line posts or something I didn't want to add them to. So this was 257 posts over 22 pages

Will having tags/labels help me? I don't know.

 Will it help others to search my blog? I hope so.

Another 'job' I did and I suppose it didn't have to be done, was put Surname first, on my family tree database. I was adding new certificates and went, wait I want Surname first, so I then changed all the others, to Surname first. 253 enteries had to be done.

Happy now!
                                                              A paper copy of the database.

Bye for now,


  1. I think tags and categories are essential. That would have been a huge task. Good on you for adding them.


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