A Birthday Celebration. Part 3

After a fun filled day, on Thursday,we spent Friday in relax mode and really enjoyed ourselves.

Early morning cuppa on the balcony. Breakfast, then a stroll around the block. A very big, hilly block. It was lovely to just stroll along, no cars, lovely views and a variety of birds, to see.

Our morning walk.

We then wandered into Leura. We window shopped, including seeing a woman, squashing flies, in the cakeshop window! YUK! Didn't get any food from that shop. Thought we would look around the park but found the path blocked by trees and the grass a bit long, to walk through. Turned and went back into town. With another stop at Megalong Books.

It was getting close to morning tea time, so we went to Bygone Beauties for a Devonshire Tea. Delicious! I also browsed through their teapot museum. It was lovely, with cases displaying teapots and tea related items, from various places. Interesting. They do High Tea and meals as well.

I got this perfect photo of a bee, busy getting pollen.

The day was getting warm, so Paul opted to sit, in the shade and wait while I went into Picklemouse Corner Patchwork shop, to browse. It is one of only two patchwork shops, in the Blue Mountains and it is wonderful.  Starting early on some Christmas things, they had just what I needed.

I went and joined Paul and we people watched for a while, then continued our window shopping. A chocolate shop and a woodwork shop were visited but nothing purchased. (We had been to the Leura Lolly Shop earlier and stocked up.)  The woodwork shop had some beautiful pieces, made with such precision and the lady said Paul could handle them to feel what they were like. Into Woolworths, for lunch supplies and we walked back to the house.

We took our food, drinks and books outside and sat in the gazebo. Several hours later we thought that we had better think about where to have dinner. It was sooooo good just to sit, read, eat, talk and listen to the birds. Very relaxing.

Dinner was at Leura Garage and as the name implies, it was a grarage, in a previous life. Rosemary flavoured shoestring chips, for entree, pizza for main and lemon sorbet for dessert, washed down with Italian Bellines, for me  and Shriaz, for Paul.

Saturday brought cool winds and some rain, as we startd our journey home, well via Blackheath, for some lookouts.  Govert's Leap was our first and only stop, due to the weather. Looking north, across the valley, with a hint of mist, it was beautiful. The waterfall was stunning.  Back on the road and the rain started and put a stop to our exploring, so we headed home.

We have had a wonderful, relaxing time,

Bye for now,

Again the copyright is wrong and it should be 2018. I'm also going to do a post with links to the places we went.


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