Accentuate the Positive Geneameme 2017

Every year GenieAus, Jill Ball, looks at the positives in her year and asks fellow Genies to do the same. Here is my list, I only missed four in the 20.

1)      An elusive ancestor I found was; I haven’t added any new ancestor, this year, but I’ve continued to add information to most ancestors.

2)      A great newspaper article I found was; Searching for something else, I found a small notice for the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Paul’s great, great-grandparents, Frederick James Ironside and Martha Amelia Bird.

3)      A geneajourney I took was;  I wrote and published a small family history book on the Vaughan/Chasmar side.

4)      An important record I found was; Searching FamilySearch I found what could have been the birth of Paul’s great-grandfather, Samuel Magill. While I was in Salt Lake City, I used the Family History Library and confirmed that it was him.

7) My 2017 blog post that I was particularly proud of was; Looking back on my posts none stand out bit on re-reading them they are all important to me. The one I did, very ‘tongue in cheek’  was Pondering My Status as an Australian,

8) I made a new geminate who; I had to go to Salt Lake City, to meet an Aussie, from Sydney, Jennie Fairs. Jennie and I are also quilters.

10)  I joined; This year I joined the Genealogical Society of Victoria, The Women’s Pioneer Society of Australasia and the Ballarat and District Family History Society.

11)  A genealogy event from which I learnt something new was; RootsTech, with the talk  Lesser Known Databases for Researching Scottish Ancestors, by Christine Woodcock. It is always good to re-visit and area to see what is new.

12)  A blog post that taught me something new was;  While it wasn’t something new, it was a good reminder. Judy G Russell, The Legal Genealogist, did a post on 27 September 2017, titled Don’t just take!!!  This post talks about taking ‘things’ on the net, without asking permission. Have a read of it

13) A DNA discovery I made was;  This year I did my mtDNA and was pleased that the DNA confirmed my paper trail. This is still new to me, so I am still learning all about DNA.

15)  A brick wall I demolished was; When Samuel Magill was born, see #4.

16)  A great site I visited was; I have two FreeBMD, gave me some new records,    
and World Names, where you can search for your surnames’ distribution, very useful for one-named studies.

17)  A new genealogy/history book I enjoyed was;  Sydney Cemeteries: A Field Guide, by Lisa Murray. I also heard Lisa speak about her research, for the book.

19)  I am excited for 2018 because;  The Society of Australian Genealogists are hosting the 15th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry. I’m looking forward to catching up with friends and making new one, attending the talks and the social activities.

20)  Another positive I would like to share is; On 7 January 2013 I started my studies to obtain my Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies; Australian Records. On 4 September 2017 I FINISHED!  I’m looking to finish my Irish certificate in 2018.


  1. Such a successful year! Thanks for sharing your triumphs.

  2. Fantastic stuff. Well done you on your studies. I thought that Sydney Cemeteries book looked interesting when I found it at the State Library bookshop in Sydney. I should have picked it up!


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