A GoONS Weekend. Part Two.

Woken, again by the laughter of kookaburras, I looked out the window to see that the river was shrouded in a soft mist, making sunrise softer.

After such a beautiful start to the day, we settled into the downstairs lounge for Helen Smith's talk about FindMyPast and how to access their record sets. Again this is a site I subscribe to and Helen explained some very useful things, that I didn't know about.

Then Michelle Patient gave a wonderful talk on DNA, condensing a two day talk into about 21/2 hours and she gave us a link to a handout. While my head was spinning, with the complexity of how DNA works, Michelle's talk did make it easier to understand and I'm going to take a closer look at my results.
Michelle recommended Blaine T Bettinger's book, The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy, (on my to read pile). I got my copy from SAG but you can get it from Amazon in both book and Kindle forms. The book has three sections, Getting Started, Selecting a Test and Analysing and Applying Test Results.  I am looking forward to reading mine.

This took us to lunch, with a quick break to grab a coffee at morning tea.

Carol Baxter, www.carolbaxter.com  was next and she spoke about the difficulty we sometime have in finding the correct surname and gave examples of how letters can be mis-read and that gives a totally different name.

This is Carol's book and it is a really useful tool to have, when trying to find that elusive ancestor.

The day wrapped up with a group photo and lots of hugs. I had a better drive home than there, so that was good. It was a really great weekend and I know that I learnt heaps that I now have to try and apply not just to my study but my research in general.

Think about joining the  Guild of One-Name Studies or at least look at their website, it is very useful.

Bye for now,


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