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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Getting Organised, sort of.

In  a little over nine days I'll be airborne, on my way to the US, for Roost Tech 2016. I've packed, unpacked, repacked and am thinking of repacking, again. Do I have enough warm clothes? Will I really need my huge, thick jacket? I suppose I should just pack, close the case and not worry, if I need something, just buy it.

I've organised my documents, cash, cash card,  research notes, eBooks to read. I think I'm ready.

The freezer is full of home-cooked meals and treats, for my darling husband, Paul. He is going to batch and look after the dog. This is the longest time we have been apart in 40 years.

Well, what will be, will be. It is going to be a wonderful conference and then time with our elder daughter, seeing a small part of the USA.

Going to blog, so watch this space.


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