A couple of interesting websites

My January/February issue of inside history ( insidehistory.com.au ) arrived and I have been enjoying reading it, as usual. I try not to read it in one go but that is hard!

There is an article on Mark Tedeschi's QC, new book Kidnapped, The crime that shocked a nation. About the Graeme Thorn kidnapping in 1960. Even though I was young, I remember it very well. Well worth a read and I might just have to buy the book.

The article Writing the Past, is about a new website that is a 'new storytelling platform can help you share your treasured family stories'. I've looked at the home page and browsed the topics but even though you can write a 'free' story, you have to subscribe to take it further. At around $AD85, you would have to write a lot of stories. Only launched in January 2016, lets see how it goes.
www.ourfamilypast.com   is the link.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Biographical Database of Australia and the article cover what records they have and how the database has grown. Two of the new record sets added in December 2015 are Births and deaths in Sydney Hospital and Norfolk Island, 1803 and Biographical entries based on army musters for soldiers in colonial garrisons, 1814-1829. That is one I'm going to search, after I finish this blog.  I have used the site, years ago and found it great.   Let me know what you find.


Have a great weekend. Me?, I'm going to think about packing, for Roots Tech.

Bye for now,

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