Good Reads

I have been reading, giving myself a break from study and work, and thought I would share with you what I have read.

The first three books were recommended by the magazine Inside History. Check around for the best prices because I ended up getting Leigh Straw's book through Amazon.

I'm still reading Leigh's book and am finding it really interesting as it gives the social context of the early 20th century, when these women deemed to be "Drunks, Pests and Harlots."

"Eugenia" by Mark Tedeschi QC, looks at the true story of a woman, Eugenia, who for 20 years lived as a man and even 'married'. Did get a bit bogged down with witness but well worth the read.

"The Railwayman's Wife" by Ashley Hay is set in Thirroul in 1948. Three different people form the bases of this story. The blurb on the back says; "explores the power of beginnings and endings."

The next two books I read were ones I found when browsing, as you do!
"My Story" by Elizabeth Smart is her story of when she was kidnapped and her very strong faith. A very powerful read.

Nora Roberts, great, as usual and a bit lighter that the others I read.

Hope you enjoy then as much as I did.

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