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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Exciting Days

Last time I blogged, it was the day of the meeting. Well what a great turn out! While I had had lots of enquires and had a list of people that said they would come, I was worried that it would fall flat. 29 people came for the meeting, lots of wonderful discussions and feedback. We selected a committee and have started the process of registering the name and becoming incorporated. We are working on our constitution, reading other groups constitutions, so that we have guides as to how it should be. Meeting dates were set, for the rest of the year and we have invited our first guest speaker.
Lots of hard work ahead to really make this group grow and flourish but I really think that it will.


  1. If you need another Constitution to read through, Wyong Family History Group's can be seen at http://rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nswwfhg/constitution.current.pdf
    John Owen

  2. So pleased it all went well for you, Lilian. You deserve an award for getting this venture off the ground.