When I opened my curtains, at the hotel, on Saturday I was greeted by these. I love watching them and will one day have a ride. It was a good start to a great day!

Day 2 of the conference was for those registered only and there was a lot for us to do. The keynote address, by Dr David Headon,  was on how the design of Canberra came about. Really informative.

Morning tea, scones, jam & cream, were next, followed by Family History Trivia. What does John Farnham's song, Age of Reason have to do with family history?  What is the first life event mentioned in the song? (answer below)

Chris Boyack talked about how to construct your family tree, using FamilySearch. I like using FamilySearch and have had some good results.

Cora Num gave a talk about Research tools for the Digital Age.  Different ways to collect and store information. She stressed several times the importance of doing back-ups.

After lunch there were four different talks, with your choice of two. I picked Martin Woods one on maps and he recommended Carole Riley's book on Land. (see earlier post). He explained that maps give us a feel for the land, especially topographical maps. These show what the area is like as they show rivers et.

The next talk was by Gail Davis on education. Gail suggested that we look at the NSW Archive in Brief guides,  19-teachers, 28-schools and 76-pupils, available on line. NSW Archives have a wonderful range of these guides.

The conference dinner ended the day. Good food and good company.

Opps, I forgot the answer: Born

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