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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Conference 2013, "From Limestone Plains to Marble Halls"

I have had four fantastic days in Canberra, 3 1/2 at the conference and Thursday, wondering around several places in Canberra.
This was my first conference and I found it very informative. A diverse range of stalls,  wonderful speakers, excellent sessions and fantastic people.

Friday was the Fair and was open to the public and there were  11 different speakers, throughout the day. Topics ranged from Early Church Records,  Treasures from State Archives, FlipPal Scanner to one I missed, DNA found my Grandfather. 

I did a work shop, Writing a non-boring family history, by Hazel Edwards. Some of you might know of Hazel from her 'Hippopotamus' books series. Hazel had us do several short exercises in either pairs or threes. In one we had to become our main character and the rest of the group had to ask us questions and  stay in character.  Hints, tips, wonderful advice and lots of encouragement made this  a wonderful workshop.

Hazel's book that is full of useful information on writing your family story.

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