Joshua Taylor

I spent this morning at Parramatta RSL listening to Joshua Taylor speak on  Successful Searching Online; Making the Most of Your Time Online  and after a short break, Beyond the Names and Dates; Records to Expand Your Family Tree. Joshua is associated with the family tree site Find My Past.
His talks were great and even though I've been 'doing' my family tree for nearly 30 years I came away with ideas and hints on how to make research easier.
He talked of keeping a Log of what you search, be it a book or a web site. He also recommended keeping a note of exactly what you searched for, so you don't repeat yourself. Joshua also suggested that you keep a 'to do' list so that you know what you want to do be it when you sit at the computer, visit a repository or a library.
In the second talk he said that we should develop a Historical Context of the time our Ancestors lived. I do this, sometimes as it helps to know what was going on at certain times.
I had a really wonderful morning as I also caught up with like-minded friends.

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